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Time management

Time management

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(Summary description)If you have only three days left for the rest of your life, what three things do you do?

Time management

(Summary description)If you have only three days left for the rest of your life, what three things do you do?

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  • Time of issue:2019-06-20 14:07
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Time management
Please close your eyes and think about this question for a minute.
If you have only three days left for the rest of your life, what three things do you do?
What is time management?
Time is not a problem
Time itself is not a problem. Because everyone has more time per day.
So the problem of time management is not in time, but in how you make good use of it and allocate your own time.
Time management is self-management
Time management is self-management
Self-management is changing habits, making you more productive and more productive.
Time management is not the right or wrong choice, it is the best or possible choice
Best, perfect for 100 minutes, first place
Best = best choice
Time management is the goal management / prior planning
Customary traps - procrastination and inertia
Procrastination and inertia - repeat the mistakes, error loop
Things that are not urgent, often become urgent after procrastination
Complete the dream, not because there is no time, whether there is any habit
Some people are often working hard to fight!!!
The result is a digging wall.
Parkinson's law
“The work will continue to stretch until it fills up all available time”
Change procrastination - change in thinking habits
This is embarrassing, but it is impossible, so I will finish it immediately so that I can forget it as soon as possible.
Develop a habit of quick fix
Cut things into small pieces and quickly complete each task
Complete the most critical part and make things look like 80%
Habit of traps - fear of adventure
Fear of adventure - 耽溺 comfort zone, resistance to adventure zone
Why are you not satisfied with the status quo, but are comfortable with the status quo?
It will be better after not sure about the change.
Because the status quo is the most familiar to you and me.
Elephant and gavel, monkey and banana
The trap of habit - rigid and uninspired
When you start to be dissatisfied with the status quo, it means that something new will happen to you... but you should use the "new way of thinking"
Please set up a bridge so that the distance from A to B is the shortest, but the bridge cannot be skewed.
Time management
Do you know why you can't draw?
Because you can't jump out of your original habits
But suppose you draw it. Congratulations, you can think about an old problem from a new angle.
Change the first step in time management, starting from the time you need to manage time
The perfect trap - everything must be kissed
Han Feizi. Eight Classics
Xia Jun, do everything you can
Zhongjun, do your best
Shangjun, the wisdom of the people
Zhuge Liang will be dear, and he will die after work.
Why do you have to be close to you?
The standard is too high
Target trap - time configuration is wrong
Efficiency is more important than effect
Efficiency: Do things right
Effect: Do the right thing
 Var. >10% (unstable) / Var. <10% (stable) / Bottleneck
Emergency replacement is important.
Goal management is the best time management!!
Please discharge the correct order of priority
Time management
Correct priority of action
Time management
Unreasonable time configuration
Time management
Time configuration is wrong
Reaction negative response vs Proaction positive control
Crisis is a turning point
Planning is more important than doing things
The best control is prevention
Prevention is better than treatment
Spending time on planning is the most time-saving practice
Time management
Wise time configuration
Time management
How to manage time
Heavy effect is better than heavy efficiency
Unreasonable time configuration depends on target setting
Efficiency depends on the choice of means.
The importance of goal setting is more than the choice of means
Master the 80/20 rule
Plato's law
The important minority (the Vital Few) only accounts for 20%
The Trivial Many accounts for 80%
Spend the least effort and get the most benefit
80% of the results of your work, from 20% of the time => that is, 80% of the effort is not related to the results
80/20 principle intention diagram
Time management
Hand Carry !
Let the program do the fastest way
Of course, you need to understand the program and key points first.
Meet three points
Face-to-face communication with key people (managers) in person
How to manage time
Time management
Usually the important thing is not urgent
Time management
To-do list
Document, telephone, superior assignment, machine failure, crisis, communication, business meeting, general meeting, uninvited guest, work plan, ability improvement, education and training, system maintenance, interpersonal relationship establishment, deadline task, advertising letter, others commission, resolution of interference Procrastination, goal establishment, customer complaints
Time management
Time management
How to deal with emotional downturn
Finish at least one thing a day
Complete the definition of things
Recorded file
Usually, when you complete a complete task, you will have the strength to do the second thing.
Good at working hours
How to improve work efficiency
1. Understand the characteristics of your daily working hours, make good use of it.
2. The PDCA distribution is the nature of work from Monday to Friday.
3. Maintain good physical strength; develop the habit of exercise
4. Develop a balanced body and mind; cultivate good hobbies
Working time allocation rule
Time management
2. The principle of the nature of work per week
Time management
How to manage your E-Mail
Grove: Is your time cut into pieces by E-mail? Focus on it.
First ask yourself the following questions
1. How much time do you spend watching E-mail in one day?
2. Will you read the e-mail when you enter E-mail?
3. Is the time for your E-mail continuous or fragmented?
4. Is there any classification for your E-mail?
5. When you reply, do you look back and back, or do you focus on the letter?
6. If you enter the E-mail address box, do you first read the letter or send the letter first?
How to improve the processing efficiency of E-mail
The first action of an incoming mailbox is to browse through the subject of all the letters, and then do the sorting action.
Develop a habit, only three hours a day to see E-mail
In addition to urgent items, reply to the centralized time
See the time allocation of E-mail
Time management
Conclusions: Time Management Architecture
Time management

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